Data analytics for social impact

I’m Daniel Robertson, a freelance data analytics specialist.

I offer highly professional, flexible consultancy to non-profit organisations. This includes charities, NGOs, education, the public sector, or any organisations with a positive social or environmental impact.

I have deep expertise spanning data analytics, digital technology, and social science. With 12+ years of experience across a wide range of high-profile organisations and different sectors, I can quickly bring serious value to your team.

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What I bring to the table

I offer all types of data analysis and reporting, helping your non-profit or charity with:







I’m adept at using Google Analytics and many other data sources. I’m constantly picking up new tools/platforms, and can help you even with highly bespoke data sets.

(To help me focus on delivering high quality strategic insight, I’m afraid I no longer offer support with analytics tagging, platform implementation, or data collection.)

I provide a wide range of data analysis and insight services, including best-in-class knowledge of Google Analytics, Looker Studio (formerly Data Studio), Power BI, and Google Optimize. I’m very comfortable working with a host of other platforms or even your own bespoke data sets/systems.

My aim is to help you reach useful insight and tangible actions based on your data.

Typically, over 50% of an organisation’s data is never actually used for analysis.

This presents a huge opportunity, making the intersection where we turn existing data into understanding and action a crucial focus of mine.

As a multidisciplinary expert, I offer rare breadth and depth of experience, having successfully worked with many diverse projects and sectors over the years. I’ve been employed in high-profile lead roles at Oxfam, WaterAid, and HP. I’m extremely thorough and straightforward, always striving to do a good job and get things right. I’m also a keen problem solver and critical thinker, adept at mastering tools and techniques as needed to get results.

I have a particularly deep appreciation of charity websites and ecommerce, from the small – but important – details right up to the strategic approach and organisational direction.

At Tommy’s, we’ve seen true optimisation through test and learn. Opt-in rates have increased, more donation journeys have been started, with improvements to conversion rates and average gift value.

Daniel is a thoroughly reliable, conscientious and nice person to work with, who helps deliver great results.

Matt Jerwood

Although centred on Google Analytics and related tools, as a highly adept data analytics freelancer I can provide expert services using a broad range of platforms such as Google Looker Studio (Data Studio), Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, Adobe Analytics, Visual Website Optimizer, SQL, R, Python, PSPP, Microsoft Excel, and more.

I also have expertise in qualitative research and the social sciences, and would relish the opportunity to contribute to all types of research and insight projects.

I'd love to work on any non-profit projects aiming to have a positive impact on our world and society.

My approach as a data analytics expert

I believe in an iterative and collaborative approach to data analysis. This allows analytics work to be closely aligned to organisational needs, while enabling us to start quickly and refine project briefs based on insight for maximum organisational value.

I'm not a believer in excess bureaucracy or inefficient use of time. I like to keep focused on the tasks and aims at hand, while always thinking ahead into the future and seeing the bigger picture for your organisation. I love being thorough and one of my mantras is "do it once, do it right". Of course, data analytics and optimisation is a continuous process, but the less time we spend on setup, data cleansing, and basic reporting, the more time we have for true insight and transformational impact from data. 

No contracts or retainers - I work on a flexible basis around your analytics needs. I appreciate that demand for analytics can rise and fall: my expert, freelance data analytics services are ideally set up to work in this landscape. I can support projects large and small with a combination of direct delivery, consultancy, and training as needed. My pricing is fair, consistent, and fully transparent. You'll also find me highly responsive and professional.  


However, I am still keen to connect with others in the sector to share knowledge. You can also contact me by email or through LinkedIn

Daniel has been a massive asset for Newcastle University, he has helped the paid media team streamline reporting and analyse data for future growth. Daniel’s in-depth knowledge of data and analysis has been fundamental in interpreting our data and making further investments within our digital channels.

Daniel is honest, hardworking and is a great person to work with and learn from. We look forward to continue to use Daniel for support at Newcastle University.

Nadyah Alansi

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