About Daniel Robertson

I am a freelance digital analyst who is Google Partners certified and has won awards, but much more importantly, I have simply been there and done it day-to-day when it comes to data analytics and digital projects.

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Digital and data analysis services

Using my extensive experience, I can help organisations of any size with:

– Digital & web analytics
– Data analysis and modelling
– Analytics implementation
– Site tagging & tag management
– Report automation, data visualisation, and dashboards
– Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) and website improvements
– Multivariate and AB testing
– User experience (UX) and design evaluation
– Training and consultancy

I’m available for work on freelance projects. Whether you are a small business who needs help setting up a website or analytics, or a larger organisation looking for a specialist contractor, contact me to discuss how I might help improve your digital presence or turn your data into insight. I believe in simplicity, persuasion, and data-driven decision making, having generated results worth hundreds of thousands of pounds throughout my career with this approach. At the moment, I am particularly interested in projects with social impact and non-profit organisations: I can offer preferential rates and, for the right project, may be able to offer some pro-bono time.

Data analytics skills and tools

My primary tool is Google Analytics but my expertise stretches far beyond that. I am native to tools like Google Tag Manager; Google Data Studio; Microsoft Power BI; Adobe Analytics; Visual Website Optimizer (multivariate testing and heatmapping tool); and Hotjar (session recording tool). Like any dedicated digital professional, I have used countless tools over the years and understand the principles underlying them and how they can complement each other to maximise business impact.

I can also offer robust experience in statistical analysis, data modelling, and predictive analytics for all sorts of projects in the digital sphere and beyond. A degree in Computer Science/Artificial Intelligence and years of hands-on practice at the sharp end of business operations means that I am equally happy implementing and deploying solutions or using them to derive insight to optimise digital communications and marketing. I can code in numerous languages like JavaScript, R, and Python, but that’s not what’s important. Coding is just a means to an end and I use it where relevant to improve efficiency or customise solutions to granular business requirements.

Professional experience and commitment to high standards

I have extensive experience working both agency-side, and, more recently, client-side. I have achieved real breadth and depth in digital analytics projects over eight years in the industry.

My latest role was at WaterAid (a fantastic NGO helping to deliver safe water, hygiene, and sanitation to where is most needed) as the lead web analyst globally. I was responsible for implementing and managing the web analytics infrastructure; consulting on other tools; training users; producing reports and dashboards for numerous countries and microsites; and – most crucially – making recommendations and advising on business decisions within the digital sphere, based on my analysis. At WaterAid I was part of the core project team to deliver an ambitious, forward-looking new website platform for the entire federation to use. It’s great to have been there from start to finish on a global strategic project while advising the whole way through using data and insight.

My work with Oxfam GB focusing on multivariate testing received a UX UK Award in 2013 (as well as being shortlised in two other categories) and an Institute of Fundraising award in 2014.


Previously, I worked for HP (Hewlett-Packard) Autonomy in client services and more recently for Oxfam GB. Clients I have worked with include Tottenham Hotspur, Financial Times, Post Office, UniCredit, Boden, Ocado, Office Depot (Viking Direct), and uSwitch.

You can find me on LinkedIn, or email me at [email protected]

I look forward to hearing about your exciting data projects!