Data analysis, data science, modelling & statistics

A computer screen showing programming code for data analysis

Your data is now so diverse and vast, coming from so many sources, that strong fundamental data analysis and statistical interpretations are crucial. I provide a range of data analytics expertise and support on data science projects, from working with SQL databases and qualitative datasets, to performing regression analysis and generating predictive models in statistical tools such as R. Often, even with basic digital data it is worth applying some statistical analysis to determine margins of error and confidence levels for the insights generated. I am always focused on understanding the context of the data too.

While my career has focused on digital and web analytics, I have the programming and statistical background as well as broad contextual knowledge that means I can add value on many analysis projects. I am not locked into any particular tools or platforms; for me, the fundamental techniques and principles are the most important skills, and I am happy to work with new or familiar platforms alike. Having worked as a client manager in a large technology agency, as an analyst at two large charities, and with experience in the social sciences as well as tech and data, I am well-placed to understand your organisational needs and provide the insight required.

Contact me now to find out how I can help you with data analysis beyond digital, or to discuss data science, modelling projects, and predictive analytics.

You can find me on LinkedIn, or email me at [email protected]

I look forward to hearing about your exciting data analysis projects!

Daniel is a fantastic analyst with a strong focus on conversion optimisation and user behaviour. We have worked together on a variety of projects including technical integrations, data science and delivering conversion and usability insights to our clients.

His work has been incredibly valuable to us as a business. He has delivered insights which have helped to generate significant increases in the conversion rates for our clients as well as carrying out data science projects which have helped the companies we work with to better measure their results and impact.

Dave Gowans