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Contact Daniel Robertson with any queries about digital/web analytics or data analysis projects.

I’d love to hear from charities, NGOs, non-profits, education providers, or any organisations with positive social impact.

(I’m afraid I’m not currently accepting work on commercial/for-profit projects)

You can also contact me by email or through LinkedIn

Daniel is one of those rare, genuine experts in his field.

His experience shines through in all the projects we’ve worked on and his approach, both flexible and professional, results in a consistent delivery and excellent outcomes.

Basically if you’ve big, mission critical questions to answer via digital analytics it’s worth doing it properly, and Dan’s your man.

Tim De La Salle

I can help you with analytics implementation and setup, reporting, data analysis, and insight, as well as consult on digital and data strategy, all on a freelance or project basis. I also have expertise in qualitative research and the social sciences, and can use quantitative data and technology effectively to enhance diverse research projects.

I am professional, focused, experienced, and efficient, but I hope that you will also find me personable and easy to work with. My schedule is flexible and although lead times may vary, I will aim to advise and support with a quick turnaround.

I also believe in an iterative approach to data analysis, which will allow us to get started quickly and refine the project brief based on further insight. I work remotely, but I am very accommodating with emails and conference calls.

I'd love to hear from charities, NGOs, non-profits, or any organisations with positive social impact. 

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