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Contact Daniel Robertson with any queries about digital analytics or data analysis projects. I can help you with analytics implementation and setup, reporting, data analysis, and insight, as well as consult on digital and data strategy, all on a freelance or project basis. I also have expertise in qualitative research and the social sciences, and can use quantitative data and technology effectively to enhance diverse research projects.

I am professional, focused, experienced, and efficient, but I hope that you will also find me personable and easy to work with. My schedule is flexible and although lead times may vary, I will aim to advise and support with a quick turnaround. I also believe in an iterative approach to data analysis, which will allow us to get started quickly and refine the project brief based on further insight. I work remotely, but I am very accommodating with conference calls and other communications channels. I can also arrange site visits and meetings depending on need.

I am particularly keen to hear from charities, NGOs, non-profits, or any organisations with positive social impact. Preferential rates are available for these types of organisation.

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I’ve worked with Daniel for a few years and find him a reliable, knowledgeable, and prompt freelancer who has really helped us to develop and improve our web presence.

In the space of a couple of months, our daily Google impressions have more than doubled due to a few strategic site updates. Daniel is adept at blending his knowledge and experience with best practices and customer data in order to optimise our website.

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Judy Colaneri