Basking in brand

Brand. The word oddly conjures up a cold feeling; sending shivers down the spines of communications professionals in many organisations. That is, if it doesn’t remind you of a mediocre comedian-cum-revolutionary.

“Brand police”. Being “on brand”. These phrases that we all use stifle creativity and remove freedom, sucking the life out of something which should be vibrant, exhilirating, or even comforting.

10 things I learned in my first month abroad

Well I finally did it. I left my office job, handed in the notice for my flat, and went off travelling in Spain. This trip is a lot of things, ambition and folly in equal measure. Certainly not a drastic undertaking on a global scale, but a scary enough proposition for many in the privileged “West”: having to deal with a non-Anglophone society and being removed from our carefully-curated circles of allies. Here are some observations from Month One: