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Getting a hold of your data and doing some analysis is only one part of the equation. In data analytics – like in most fields – communication is key. Presentation of data that is impactful, easy-to-digest, and conveys key analytical insights is essential if you want to to use your data effectively.

Visualisation of digital data, from simple bottom-line reports or analysis summaries, to in-depth analysis and discussion of insights, is extremely important to drive data-driven decision making. In my opinion, the cliché of “simple, easy-to-read reports for directors or senior management” is a bit misleading. Executives are usually more than capable of appreciating complex insights from data, but like anyone they want clear, concise information that can be produced and understood without doubt or unnecessary effort.

Modern tools such as Microsoft Power BI or Google Data Studio can make data a joy to work with, although of course there is still a place for intelligent, effective use of basic tools such as Excel and PowerPoint. I have years of experience working in all of these tools to distil and present digital data analysis to audiences at all levels. Many tools also allow an element of automation, for example exporting Google Analytics data to Google Sheets to take the pain away from regular web analytics reporting. My expertise in programming and broad experience with configuring and using business software enables me to set up useful automations with ease on a range of platforms.

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From reporting dashboards for wide consumption, to detailed reports for specific teams or stakeholders, I can add significant value to your data analytics through data visualisation and report automation.

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I look forward to hearing about your exciting data visualisation and automation projects!


I’ve worked with Daniel for a few years and find him a reliable, knowledgeable, and prompt freelancer who has really helped us to develop and improve our web presence.

In the space of a couple of months, our daily Google impressions have more than doubled due to a few strategic site updates. Daniel is adept at blending his knowledge and experience with best practices and customer data in order to optimise our website.

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Judy Colaneri