Digital analytics & data services

A visualisation of some audio data on charts for analysis

In today’s fast-paced, technological world, using your data to its full potential and improving your data strategy is essential to derive the insight that will optimise and improve your organisation’s work.

I provide a wide range of expert data analysis services to clients in Edinburgh, the UK, and internationally. My work is focused on digital and web analytics, but I can also provide statistical analysis and data modelling, including working with big data sets and databases. As well as data analysis work, I can also help you to implement data collection through websites and databases, or improve your website user experience. I also provide qualitative research expertise and data analysis for social impact projects, charities, and non-profits.

Services are available on a fully-remote and flexible basis. Site visits, meetings, and consultations can also be arranged for your data analysis projects.

Find out more about key areas of data analytics from the sections below, or get in touch now.

Daniel is a fantastic analyst with a strong focus on conversion optimisation and user behaviour. We have worked together on a variety of projects including technical integrations, data science and delivering conversion and usability insights to our clients.

His work has been incredibly valuable to us as a business. He has delivered insights which have helped to generate significant increases in the conversion rates for our clients as well as carrying out data science projects which have helped the companies we work with to better measure their results and impact.

Dave Gowans

Digital & web analytics with Google Analytics & more

Robust, comprehensive digital and web analytics is now business-critical for any organisation with an online presence. Whether you want to evaluate your marketing and advertising efforts, see how people are using your website, or improve the layout or design of ...
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Report automation, data visualisation & dashboards

Getting a hold of your data and doing some analysis is only one part of the equation. In data analytics - like in most fields - communication is key. Presentation of data that is impactful, easy-to-digest, and conveys key analytical ...
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Data analysis, data science, modelling & statistics

Your data is now so diverse and vast, coming from so many sources, that strong fundamental data analysis and statistical interpretations are crucial. I provide a range of data analytics expertise and support on data science projects, from working with ...
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Analytics implementation, tagging & tag management

Without a robust, comprehensive data collection setup, the subsequent data analysis will always be limited. I can provide implementaion plans, data architecture, and implement rich website tagging for digital analytics data. Honed through years of experience, I am adept at ...
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Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) & website improvements

In any organisation, we are constantly striving to optimise and improve our efforts. Data and digital platforms make this easier than ever. The wealth of information at our disposal allows us to focus on the improvements with the biggest impact ...
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Qualitative & social research

I am driven to work on projects with positive social impact. My career and analysis skills extend beyond digital and technology into qualitative analysis and social research. I recently completed my MSc, in International Development, and achieved a distinction for ...
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Training & consultancy for Google Analytics & more

I can offer training and consultancy for digital data analytics, either on-site or remotely through video conference and screen-sharing. I believe in making digital data analytics a core, accessible skill for most marketing and communications professionals, as well as people ...
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