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We’ve all been there. Drowning in data, too many reports, not knowing where to start. Endless blogs, articles, and textbooks give you knowledge but no clarity. Worked examples make sense, but don’t apply to your business or organisation. The data doesn’t match up. Or the jargon is a nightmare. If only there was something to walk you through it… 

Google Analytics is everywhere, but it can be deceptively complex. If you are struggling to get to grips with Analytics or don’t have the resource or budget for dedicated analysis support, you’ve come to the right place!

Drawing from over a decade in high-profile, business critical analytics roles, I have compiled a streamlined, expert guide to reporting in Google Analytics. This expands on content I often deliver as part of tailored Google Analytics training, at a fraction of the cost:

  • Over 70 pages of focused, practical guidance.
  • All the key info in one place: refer to it again and again without trawling the internet for answers. 
  • Step-by-step reporting walkthrough for the few reports covering approximately 80% of insight needs.
  • Clear, human readable explanations.
  • Real use cases and actionable insights for your business or organisation.
  • Links to actual reports in the Google Analytics demo account. 
  • Handy glossary with plain language definitions. 
  • Covers Universal Analytics reporting in detail (the established version of Google Analytics). 
  • Plus, introduction and what to expect from Google Analytics 4.  
  • No marketing or upsell. Just a one-time purchase. 

The guide will kick-start your Analytics journey and save you hours, days, and weeks of pain trying to learn and understand the platform. It may ultimately save you hundreds or thousands of pounds in consultancy or training fees.

For only £129 you get a treasure trove of professional experience and practical advice to super charge your Google Analytics skills. Use the form below to request your electronic copy today.

Transform your insights – request your expert guide to Google Analytics now!

Daniel Robertson will contact you to arrange payment of £129 and send your copy of his straightforward – but comprehensive – expert guide to reporting in Google Analytics.

Discounts are available for multiple purchases. 

(1) The guide is for your own use and will not be shared, copied, or otherwise distributed. (2) The guide is a non-refundable, one-time purchase. (3) A purchase of the guide implies no further obligation on the part of the purchaser nor of Daniel Robertson.

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(Please note the Expert Guide to Google Analytics is copyright Daniel Robertson. No copies may be made, distributed, or forwarded without express prior permission, even within your own organisation or team. A purchased guide is strictly for the sole use of the purchasing individual. Other colleagues or associates wishing to use the guide must purchase their own copy separately, as with a book or a piece of software. The guide is a self-contained electronic product and is provided as-is. It does not constitute any service, support, or training agreement between Daniel Robertson and the purchaser, although such services may be agreed separately via appropriate channels. We cannot refund a purchase of the guide: the value is the knowledge and guidance contained within. This is deemed irreversibly transferred once a copy of the guide is sent to you. The guide is a streamlined, curated resource. Naturally, it cannot answer every specific question nor cover every use case of Google Analytics. We do not provide detailed implementation or configuration instructions within this guide (the focus is on reporting and data analysis). We recommend working with a range of resources – starting with Google’s platform documentation itself – and emphasise the importance of continued, self-directed learning and experimentation to master tools such as Google Analytics.)

Daniel is one of those rare, genuine experts in his field.

His experience shines through in all the projects we’ve worked on and his approach, both flexible and professional, results in a consistent delivery and excellent outcomes.

Basically if you’ve big, mission critical questions to answer via digital analytics it’s worth doing it properly, and Dan’s your man.

Tim De La Salle