Data analytics for charities, non-profits & social impact

I’m passionate about using data analytics to help address the world’s most pressing problems. I believe I can go a long way towards this goal by providing analytics for charities, non-profits, and the social impact sector.

As a charity or non-profit, the reality is that resources are often very stretched. Data analytics can be left behind, as it is a specialised skill that can be very expensive. Yet the third sector often has the most complex and diverse range of activities, content, and projects to evaluate and optimise.

As a data analytics freelancer, that’s where I come in.

Daniel has been a huge help to us at Link. Having recently launched a new website, we worked with Daniel to audit our digital analytics needs and capabilities.

Daniel was extremely flexible and responsive to our situation. He worked with us to deliver a package of work that was bespoke to our needs, in line with our budgets, and would give us maximum impact for our current situation. He kindly accommodated our tight timelines and always turned work around quickly and efficiently.

As a charity, we really appreciated his expert subject knowledge in our field as well as his clear expertise in analytics and we wouldn’t hesitate to work with him again in the future.

Lyndsey Alexander

I offer a very flexible service based on demand that rises and falls, so I can be there to help track and analyse key initiatives or campaigns, without the overhead of an in-house digital analyst or agency retainer.

I'm keen to extend my non-profit client base - in particular, in the development sector - where I'd be delighted to work on any projects with positive social or environmental impact by providing analytics to charities and similar. My interests include international development, water access, sustainability, circular economy, climate change, renewable energy, urbanism, education, and the digital economy.

However, I'm open to hear about any and all projects with tangible impact in making the world a better place!

In our transition to a new website, Daniel’s experience and insight in Google Analytics has helped us anticipate issues, resolve unexpected roadblocks and quickly understand technical challenges.

Daniel’s expert knowledge also meant he was able to deliver a flexible solution – ready for our transition to Google Analytics 4.

Danny Plunkett

Analytics for development charities at Oxfam & WaterAid

I have extensive experience of charities and international development. Around four years of my career was spent as a trusted global expert in digital analytics at Oxfam and then WaterAid.

Major successes were winning industry awards for optimising Oxfam's donation process, and heavily contributing to a global website redesign and rebuild at WaterAid. Providing analytics for charities is a key speciality of mine.

I appreciate the complexity and nuance of working with charities, and can help with a wide range of analysis projects from marketing and communications to advocacy and engagement. I even have experience of qualitative development programme analysis and have worked on data projects beyond digital. For example, at WaterAid I automated the collection of granular water and sanitation data from a ministry website for the Swachh Bharat (Clean India) mission.

Research & qualitative analysis: MSc International Development

I hold an MSc in International Development from the University of Edinburgh (2018). This gives me a perspective on development challenges through a social science lens, which, allied with my data and tech skills, has huge potential to affect real change and support efforts towards the Sustainable Development Goals.

For my master's thesis primary research, I spent 2 months in Mexico working with The Hunger Project, an international NGO focusing on supporting community-led development, increasing dignity, reducing inequality, and enabling people to reach their potential. My research centred on projects to improve water access through rainwater capture systems. The research was very much focused on collecting and analysing qualitative data through interviews and workshops across different communities and within the organisation itself.

Japan scholarship focusing on international development

In 2019, I was the proud recipient of the Thomas Blake Glover ASI Scholarship. This involved spending 2 months in Japan to promote links between Scotland and Japan through language study as well as professional and cultural exchange. While there, I met with some leading development agencies in Japan, including the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and the Japan Waterworks Association.

The experience deepened my international knowledge as well as insight into the development sector. Such perspective I believe is a valuable asset to any analysis or evaluation involving development or social impact programmes.

Freelance data analytics for charities and non-profits

In my freelance work, I have also worked with various non-proft organisations, universities, and charities to provide web analytics services, including Plan International, Tommy's, Stroke Association, Scottish Book Trust, Link Education International, Assist Social Capital, and Newcastle University.

After launching our new website at Scottish Book Trust in 2019, we wanted to enhance our web analytics capabilities. Daniel very quickly got up to speed with our organisation and what we were trying to achieve. He developed a detailed analytics audit which we worked through with him to improve our setup and use of Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. Alongside this Daniel was integral to helping us improve our approach to our mobile app analytics.

We found Daniel easy to work with, approachable and very quick to deliver results.

Samantha MacKinnon

I've provided a wide range of digital analytics consultancy, from training and data tracking to campaign analysis, dashboards, and AB testing. This has mainly focused on Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager, although essentially I am platform agnostic. For example, with Assist Social Capital I worked with bespoke local community website data to understand and profile the user base and help to visualise engagement.

I truly believe that my combination of skills and ambition to make a difference could yield transformational change for your non-profit organisation. I also offer discounts for non-profits.

Please don't hesitate to contact me today!

Our project at Stroke Association involved a detailed web analytics audit, producing highly useful insights and recommendations on how to improve our setup and use of Google Analytics. As a trusted expert in digital analytics, Daniel was able to get up to speed with Stroke Association’s needs, deliver an audit, and walk through his findings with the team, all within a short timeframe.

This has given us a strong platform to improve our insight from Google Analytics and I would highly recommend Daniel’s specialist data analytics services to other charities and large organisations.

Kate Harvey

Data analytics services

In today’s fast-paced, technological world, using your data to its full potential and improving your data strategy is essential to derive the insight that will improve your organisation’s work.

I provide a wide range of expert data analysis services to charity, education, and non-profit clients in the UK and internationally. My work is focused on digital and web analytics, but I can also provide reporting and insight from other data sets. As well as data analysis work, I can also help you to improve your website conversion rates and user experience. I also offer qualitative research and report writing expertise.

My services are available on a fully-remote and flexible basis. Site visits, meetings, and consultations can also be arranged for your data analysis projects where necessary.

Find out more about key areas of data analytics from the sections below, or get in touch now.

Daniel is a fantastic analyst with a strong focus on conversion optimisation and user behaviour. We have worked together on a variety of projects including technical integrations, data science and delivering conversion and usability insights to our clients.

His work has been incredibly valuable to us as a business. He has delivered insights which have helped to generate significant increases in the conversion rates for our clients as well as carrying out data science projects which have helped the companies we work with to better measure their results and impact.

Dave Gowans

Digital & web analytics

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Report automation, data visualisation & dashboards

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Data analysis, data science, modelling & statistics

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Conversion rate & experience optimisation

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Qualitative research for good

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Training & consultancy

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