Conversion rate & experience optimisation

A laptop on a table showing website content representing user experience improvements

In any organisation, we are constantly striving to optimise and improve our efforts. Data and digital platforms make this easier than ever. The wealth of information at our disposal allows us to focus on the improvements with the biggest impact on online conversion rates, and evaluate that impact directly through results and continuous data analysis.

A major focus of my career has been website optimisation: ways to improve the user experience and persuasive power of a website, in order to encourage engagement, action, or conversion. There are no tricks or shortcuts here. I believe in a rigorous approach to website and content improvement which includes detailed data analysis, generating hypotheses, and testing these hypotheses on real users. Various tools make this job much easier, such as Google Optimize, Visual Website Optimizer, or Convert.

I have created, run, and analysed hundreds of AB and multivariate tests over my career. Improvements from these tests have generated hundreds of thousands of pounds for my organisations and clients. I have also won awards for projects in the charity sector with Oxfam GB.

From this experience, I can bring a wealth of learning and best practice optimisation suggestions to your website and digital communications. Of course, all organisations and users are unique, which is why we need to test our changes, from small changes to copy or imagery to radical page redesigns or the introduction of new functionality. All of this can be evaluated against a control, allowing us to generate reliable results based on statistics to inform decisions.

Contact me now about improving your website through proven digital data analysis.

You can find me on LinkedIn, or email me at [email protected]

I look forward to hearing about your exciting conversion rate optimisation projects!


With Daniel having experience working in the charity sector, non-profits and NGO’s – and with us being in the recycling industry – we felt Daniel would be well equipped to understand our online ecommerce business core values and its development needs.

It’s clear that Daniel has a wealth of experience and insight that is an essential asset to any committed website owner. It’s surprising that many webmasters seem to ignore the requirements for data analytics and CRO prior to website design and SEO campaigns.

In retrospect, we would have benefited greatly through working with Daniel some years ago, with data informing decisions rather than guesswork.

We’re really pleased to have discovered Daniel and we look forward to continuing working with him.

John Scott

Qualitative & social research

Picture of wind turbines along a pleasant horizon representing analysis of social issues

I am driven to work on projects with positive social impact. My career and analysis skills extend beyond digital and technology into qualitative analysis and social research. I recently completed my MSc, in International Development, and achieved a distinction for my work on evaluating a community-led rainwater harvesting project in Mexico.

I am equally comfortable with data and tech or talking to people to understand issues and create solutions. The reality of the modern world is that digital technology and social projects almost always overlap. Data (quantitative and qualitative) is produced in all contexts and offers a medium through which we can all become more effective and grounded in our work.

For example, I have spent years working for the major charities Oxfam and WaterAid using digital data to enhance fundraising and impact. I may be idealistic, but I strongly believe that through data analysis and clear, consistent communication we can all make this world a better place, whether that is through community engagement and bringing people together, or developing policies that support sustainability and use of renewable resources through the green economy.

I would be delighted to hear about any data analysis projects with social or policy impact. Contact me today to discuss how I might bring my extensive expertise into your project.

Preferential rates are available for charities, NGOs, non-profits, or any organisations with positive social impact.  

You can find me on LinkedIn, or email me at [email protected]

I look forward to hearing about your exciting social analysis projects!


ASC (Assist Social Capital) is a Community Interest Company that works to evidence impact and improve outcomes in communities that lead to increased wellbeing, resilience and sustainability. We have worked with a wide range of organisations such as Community Housing Associations, Development Trusts, social enterprises and large charities. In recent years, we have begun focusing on U>P, the impact evaluation and management software platform we developed to support third sector organisations to be able to prove the soft outcomes of their work cost effectively.

A project we worked on recently was to help design a web platform for the circular economy. ASC’s role was to ensure that the end result would measure social benefit as well as environmental benefit. The project called for some additional support from a data analyst. We reached out for someone with an interest in sustainability and community benefit on LinkedIn, which is where we connected with Daniel Robertson.

Daniel was good enough to take the time to learn about the work we were doing beyond the specific project we wanted him to work on and used that understanding of our wider work to great effect within the time limited project he became involved in. It was a huge advantage to work with someone with his skills, but it was even more important to us that he was willing to buy into our approach and to support us on that and this meant as he was able to fit into our culture with ease. The work he produced was exactly what was needed and while the project only lasted with a couple of months, Daniel became part of the team. We would not hesitate to work with Daniel again and he will be the first on our list the next time we need a data analyst for a project.

We are very happy to recommend Daniel to anyone looking to add to their digital skill sets. He is adaptable and passionate about sustainable development and using data analysis to bring that about.

Colin Campbell

Research & qualitative analysis: MSc International Development

I hold an MSc in International Development from the University of Edinburgh (2018). This gives me a perspective on development challenges through a social science lens, which, allied with my data and tech skills, has huge potential to affect real change and support efforts towards the Sustainable Development Goals.

For my master's thesis primary research, I spent 2 months in Mexico working with The Hunger Project, an international NGO focusing on supporting community-led development, increasing dignity, reducing inequality, and enabling people to reach their potential. My research centred on projects to improve water access through rainwater capture systems. The research was very much focused on collecting and analysing qualitative data through interviews and workshops across different communities and within the organisation itself.


Training & consultancy

Live training session in Google Analytics with a client.

I can offer remote training and consultancy for data analytics, through video conference and screen-sharing. I believe in making data analytics a core, accessible skill for most marketing and communications professionals, as well as people in a host of other roles.

Having trained dozens of stakeholders across different organisations and in different formats, I am comfortable adapting to the needs of your organisation.

Training can be basic or advanced, and cover the use of tools such as Google Analytics for reporting and analysis, Data Studio for dashboards and data visualisation, Optimize for AB testing, or Tag Manager for analytics tagging.

I also offer consultancy for strategy and planning around any data analytics or measurement projects. Contact me today to discuss your training or consultancy options.

You can find me on LinkedIn, or email me at [email protected]

I look forward to hearing about your exciting data projects!


Daniel has been a massive asset for Newcastle University, he has helped the paid media team streamline reporting and analyse data for future growth. Daniel’s in-depth knowledge of data and analysis has been fundamental in interpreting our data and making further investments within our digital channels.

Daniel is honest, hardworking and is a great person to work with and learn from. We look forward to continue to use Daniel for support at Newcastle University.

Nadyah Alansi